Somewhere in Nordrhein Westfalen
Sometime in 2019

Take a tram to work, book the cooking session, eat something new for breakfast?

Start pole dance?

To know how to pole dance was my dream since university times. Not like pole positions dream, yet that kind of a dream when boys (men) might wish they save someone the superman-style. The same way, I used to daydream about me hitting the Stange. I was about 22 back then, so come on! Yet, life kept unfolding, things had to be done, the Stange was not happening, until … I went to work to Deutschland!

After a couple of months working in Germany, the panic of having to discuss complex technical issues auf Deutsch started easing and I was looking around what I could do as I thought my body to be too precious to fade away in the office. Walking between office – toilet – meeting room – kitchen – office – REWE does not count as a sport, right? So I signed up for a pole dance class.

What was it you have been daydreaming about?

I was convinced my colleagues ought to never ever learn about me doing a pole dance otherwise, they ultimately place me to that Eastern European stereotype box, which I did not want, trying immensely hard to prove myself as a fearless and totally-know-what-I-am-doing business prodigy. 

What is your antipredator adaptation?

I guess we all wear that mimicry at times, only once you did already quite some address, job, country, professional field, social level changes, it might get a bit challenging to stay natural.

We had a committed and nice trainer, the helpful and professional one, yet still spontaneous enough to take some crazy photos and push us to some really challenging positions. She was coming from Eastern Europe :). The other girls in my course were amazing too, ranging from 16-year-old high school students to women around 30 on maternity leave.

Apart from making my body one big muscle, and becoming part of the community I would otherwise never ever know, the best thing was the realization that many other females share the same wish: to throw down the tight neck facades and let the little devil out. 

Let us not take the devil over, yet let us keep him alive. 

What would we do if we realize the devil is ultimately dead one day? Would we still be alive?