Pinch-me moments are those great and amazing, as well as challenging moments, when our autopilots crash, leaving us see through people, places, things … and trees. Those moments define us. On one hand, we fell most alive, while on the other, we ask someone to pinch us, as it might be a dream after all.

Every post is an original, capturing how I felt under certain circumstances, to be later edited not at all or very slightly. Thus, those posts do not define me, rather provide glances into the way of my perception, which as by all of us is influenced by:

how we slept that day
what the actual weather was
who just called (or didn’t)
the traffic (on the street and in our head)
the medical state
the bank account state
current address (or no address)
the language we use in the grocery store
the time zone
the taste of the last coffee
the view from the window (if there is a window)

It is always that wonderful never to be repeated perspective created by people, places, things … and trees.

The posts are a little bit like photographs from times when there were no digital cameras, no Photoshop, when each click was not to be altered. Do you remember all those silly faces, half-closed eyes, traffic signs growing from heads?

No second takes. No filters.

Have fun! I wish to inspire you.